The Adaltys office in Marseille falls within a logic of developing a local service offer. Adaltys’ regional anchoring enables it to strengthen the lawyer-client relationship on a human level in high value-added legal sectors.

Adaltys Marseille benefits from proven expertise in assisting private and public operators on a national or international scale, as well as extensive involvement in the Mediterranean region and Corsica.

Its lawyers are mainly involved in the fields of ports, maritime transport, public passenger transport and new mobility solutions as well as renewable energies. Benjamin Boiton is developing an activity dedicated to the hydrogen sector and the production of electricity from photovoltaic sources by bringing, in these matters, its experience in state ownership, contracts and public financing.

At the heart of the local economic environment, Adaltys Marseille also acts as a facilitator for the development of young companies, start-ups, VSEs and SMEs with high potential and strong growth prospects. Together with banks, institutional investors, economic development associations and investment funds, Adaltys Marseille provides its clients with cutting-edge expertise in public financing, sponsoring, state aids and public-private institutional structures.